August 26, 2011


Last call, friends! With summer's end also comes the end of sidewalk sales. Wicker Park and Bucktown Chamber of Commerce is hosting one this weekend, August 27th and 28th. It's one of the very last we'll be participating in this year so drop by to enjoy some great deals.

Like before, we'll have clearance and sale items both outside
and inside the shop. Outside, we'll have racks with men and women's clearance items from past seasons 50 to 80% off, as well as a rack of gently used designer and vintage finds. Inside, check out what's left of our spring and summer collections--like A.P.C., Gitman Brothers, Sessun, Our Legacy, BB Dakota, Velour, Mink Pink, and Corey Lynn Calter, to name just a few--which are now 20 to 70% off their original price. There are still many good deals to be had!

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES: Sessun, APC, and Gitman

In case you haven't noticed, autumn is inching its way closer: the days are slowly getting shorter and summer's heat is subsiding. At the shop, the seasons change even more quickly. Summer merchandise is pushed aside for the rich, warm, and cozy. Everywhere I look I see wools, sweaters and robust colors like navy, burgundy and caramel.We've already received several of our major fall shipments from the likes of APC, Sessun and Gitman--though plenty more are on the way--so stop by to get excited about fall.

A couple favorite new arrivals...

gitman vintage yarn dyed tartan shirt $168
(great saturated colors and wonderfully slubbed texture. this isn't one of those soft and fuzzy flannels, though those are great too.)

gitman vintage grey chambray-oxford shirt $158
(this one deserves to be seen in person. it's more like a pale slate green and the fabric is beautifully woven and a great transitional weight.)

sessun cognac nall pants $195
(highwaisted, great color and flattering cut--basically perfect.)

apc electric blue belted dress $328
(apc classic in a rich cobalt blue.)

sessun black paul dress $265
(sophisticated and sexy.)